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Selected type of land and boundary comply SEPP 
Affordable Housing
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1st Stage
We can do all the planning works etc,

For the people looking at our range, they will need to firstly find out from their local 
certifier whether they can or we can provide a certifier to check your block,
do a granny flat as Complying Development on their site. Then they will need to
comply with the following guidelines from the SEPP Affordable Rental Housing:

1. Minimum Lot Size:
- 450 - 900sq.m lot and 12m minimum frontage; or
- 900 – 1500sq.m lot and 15m minimum frontage; or
- 1500 or greater sq.m lot and 18m minimum frontage.

2. Maximum Site Coverage (maximum building footprint of all building on the lot):
- 50% of the site for Lots 450 - 900sq.m;
- 40% of the site for Lots 900 - 1500sq.m;
- 30% of the site for Lots greater than 1500sq.m;

3. Maximum Floor Area (of all building on the Lot):
- 330sq.m for Lots 450 – 600sq.m;
- 380sq.m for Lots 600 – 900sq.m;
- 430sq.m for Lots 900sq.m or greater;

4. Side Boundary Setbacks:
- 0.9m for Lots 450 – 900sq.m;
- 1.5m for Lots 900 – 1500sq.m;
- 2.5m for Lots 1500sq.m or greater;

- This increases by ¼ of the height over 3.8m when the building is more than 3.8m high. EG, on
a 450 – 900 sq.m site with a height of building of 4.5m the side setbacks will be 0.9m + 0.175m =

5. Rear Boundary Setbacks:
- 3m for Lots 450 – 900sq.m, + 3 times the height over 3.8m if the height of the building is greater
than 3.8m up to a maximum setback of 8m;

- 5m for Lots 900 – 1500sq.m, + 3 times the height over 3.8m if the height of the building is
greater than 3.8m up to a maximum setback of 12m;

- 10m for Lots 1500sq.m or greater, + 3 times the height over 3.8m if the height of the building is
greater than 3.8m up to a maximum setback of 15m;

6. Privacy:
Any windows or decks facing the side or rear boundaries that are more than 1m from natural
ground will need a privacy screen.

7. Landscaped Area:
- 20% of the site for Lots 450 - 600sq.m;
- 25% of the site for Lots 600 – 900sq.m;
- 35% of the site for Lots 900 – 1500sq.m;
- 45% of the site for Lots greater than 1500sq.m;

- At least 50% of this landscaped area must be located behind the building line:
- To be counted as landscaped area it must have a minimum dimension of 2.5m.

8. Open Space:
- There must be at least 24sq.m of open space left over on the site that is accessible from and
adjacent to a habitable room (living area), it must be at least 4m wide, and have a gradient of no
more than 1:50.

9. Excavation:
- No more than 1m cut from natural ground. Any retaining wall or embankment for fill must be
within 1m of the outer walls.

10. Fill:
- All fill to be incorporated within the walls of the building (eg dropped edge beams), unless the fill
is less than 600mm, the fill (but not the embankment) does not extend more than 1m from the
outer walls, and the toe of the embankment is at least 400mm from boundaries.

11. Erosion Controls:
- Sediment and erosion controls must be implemented during construction, and there will be no
areas not turfed or paved after construction finished.

12. Drainage:
- Drainage is to connect to the public drainage system, on on-site disposal system, or and interallotment
drainage system.

Plans would include 3D views of the proposal as required, detailed elevations, floor plans, site plan,
sections, details, statement of environmental effects, submission to Certifier (not including Certifier fees).

The fees for the certifier, surveyor and bushfire below are from our local consultants and these would
need to be confirmed in any areas outside of Sydney and Melbourne, as our certifier and surveyors don't work outside these region. We can arrange these services outside the city area and can cover all NSW, Vic SA at this stage.

Detail Survey = $1,100 inc GST
Onsite Site setout = $550 inc GST
Plan service = $1,750 inc GST
Engineer's Certification = $600 Approx. 
Bushfire Fees (if required) = $300 - $500
Certifier Fees = $1500 - $2000
Water Board Fees = $300 - $400

Items the planning fees does not include:
• Surveying onsite we provide you with a surveyor.
• Flora and Fauna reports
• Traffic Reports
• Visual Impact Statements
• Flood Studies or Flood Reports
• Arborist Reports for trees on site
• Full Bushfire Information

The owners will also need to pay Section 94 Contribution fees to their local Council as part of the process.
Other Information

We will arrange with the clients to arrange a detail survey of the property, showing all
existing buildings, trees etc, and also chat to their local certifier to make sure they are allowed to do a
granny flat on their site.

Every site is different, and some sites may need geo-tech reports, arborist reports for trees on the site etc
and we will need to look at these one at a time.

I hope this provides you with a clearer idea of the costs and what's involved in completing granny flat.
Check the Minimum Lot Size side and back boundary.
Planning Fees then next is Stage 2.
Other Fees.

Ph: 0414 407 909