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QuickHang project. We are preparing a funds capital raise on Australia investment network and The chinainvestor
Step 1: Read ours Brief.
Damien Carroll
Experienced carpenter, having worked in the building sector for over 24 years.

Trade skills of the highest order, and a record of innovative building projects with a high level of custumer satisfaction. Also competed diploma in stocking broking.

Qualifications/certifications includes
Invested over $50,000 AUD to date, excluding time.

Throughout my experience in the building industry, I found hands-on involvement was required in most tasks.

But some tasks have remained unchanged for decades, despite technological advances. One such task that particularly irked me was door hanging, which still requires highly manual repetitive, time- consuming tasks using decades old methods.

Dissatistied with the highly manual tedious processes, I looked at systems that could improve the process, but the best I could find were systems that merly maneuvered the door to facilitate the manual processes.

This made it easier for a single person to perform the task, but did not substantively change the methods.

My dissatisfaction led me to develop the Quick hang concept to the point where I have contributed any surplus funds to its development.

My vision is to deliver something to the carpenters that will forever change a required task within the building industry and reduce manual workload involvement by up to 75%.

I am aware that pre-fabricated doors and frames may affect the market. But these are not viable solutions for custom solutions, or more importantly for fire doors, where I see particular opportunities.

Over my development journey, I have encountered many of the setbacks that most innovators seem to find; such as specialist start-up consultants all too ready to help, for price, who ultimately cannot deliver what they promise, designers prepared to develop the product, who require both ownership and control.

This has meant I have reached the prototype stage at considerable cost.

Now, having identified designers who have the skill sets to complete the technical drawings and fully develop the protoype, I am seeking investors support to complete the proof of concept stages.

The Intented scope is to produce a final prototype, take out patents & design protection, and business planning for the expansion stage and beyond.


The currently door hanging process is manually intensive and lacks precision. Is slow time consuming for carpenters. The manual handling aspect is particularly relevent to large and heavy doors, such as fire doors.

Apopt the Quick hang door installing systems

Quick hang process involves placing a door onto the Quick hang system, positioning and locking the jigs, operating the control pad positioning the door, screwing the 3 hinges all at once & striker plates, and fitting the lock & handles, door closer.

Fully automatic and best of all it hangs the door with No handle of the door.

The Benefits of the system are:
* Reduced manual handling ( estimated to be well over 50%)
* Economy of scale saving through reduced set up times required for mulitiple doors.
* Increased precision and consistency as fire door can weight are at 160kg.
* Reduced workplace health & safety risks.


The potential market is huge.

Increasing numbers of high rise building and higher building standards are increasing door demand, paticularly for fire doors. Sales for fire doors In the UK alone exceed 120,000 units per month.

Saving from the benefits of such a product are considerable.

The workplace health and safety advantages of the product could also lead to across the board changes in industry practice that increase the attractiveness of the product.

Target customers include carpenters, builders, fire doors installers, hardware wholesalers, and trades schools and defend forces.

Now the time has risen to ACT and contact us for this early entrance level of investing minimum investing is as low as $10k and we will trade in convertible notes. Angle investors and equity are welcome to join us.


The proposal is to develop the Quick hang system into the leading product in this area of the building process.

The initial stage is for completion of proof of concept stage, involving completion of the final prototye, design protection, and business planning.

A second stage for commercialiisation is envisaged, where the scope will be dependent upon stage is also envisaged.

A later expansion stage expansion stage is also envisaged.
Funding is critical for all these stages Quick hang door installing system project.


Quickhang Door System
The Quickhang door system is an automatic hydraulic door hang device that facilitates easy door handling, hinge and lock recessing and manipulation during fitment.

Jigs and fixtures allow for hinge and lock recessing to specific requirements.
The installation stage is handled through touch pad control.

The process provides a much safer and efficient method of installing doors; particularly heavy fire doors, which can weigh up to 160 kg.

The number of doors a tradesman can hang is currently around 6 to 8 doors per day.

The Quick hang system can increase output to around 12 to 13; an increased productivity of over 200%. Further economies of scale are achievable where large numbers of same size doors are required.

The concept has been protected by provisional patent no

Funding Approach
The Quick hang system is relatively high cost non-consumer item, so a product -based reward sytem for backers, as envisaged for crowdfunding fund raising options was not suitable.

Funding Approach
Pre see funding between: $200K to $400K

Level 1: $65,000.00: Proof of Concept completion
Level 2: $153,675.00: Pre-production Establishment
Level 3: $345,825.00: Commercialisation
Final target: 1.5 million to $3 million 
Production/ Expansion
Final IPO: either on Aust or Nasqad.
Step 2: Action filled out form and express your Interest to invest 
Minimum invest is $25,000 AUD
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