Quick Hang Building Division
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Advertise with us:
We provide advertising for tradesman to promote their own business, supplier to bring to attention of new trades. 
Also promote new events and new ideas for the building industry such as tools, equipment and building products. Affordable advertising per month direct back to your own site or landing page
Lic 51051C
Ad Spec:
Ad spec can been standard ads like banners, video, links pointing, text adds, html links and all ads will rotators.
Types of ad and sizes standard: To get your Four days for Free just sent your advertising wording by email

Leader board: 738 x 90 $80 per month.
Half page: 300 x 600 $120 per month.
Sky scrapper: 160 x 600 $40 per month.
Spot light: 300 x 60 $25 per month.
Half banner: 234 x 60 $10 per month.
Rectangle: 300 x 250 $35 per month.

468 x 60 $40 per month
336 x 280 $60 per month.
250 x 250 $20 per month
125 x 125 $15 per month.
Types of ad and sizes standard:

Classified ad $61.80 per month. this would cost over $350 on google site per month.

Heading: 25 characters
first body : 30 characters
Second body: 30 characters
Links webs: http:// or https://
with tags words with bold.

Video adds $51.55 per month.

Link anchor texts $10.55 per month,cheaper if buy more.
Html links pointing direct to your site with tracking and cloaking.
Place your ad space order with paypal payment options attracts a extra fee:
Ad sizes for side bars or footer
Pick the page for Ad.
Extra fee is 2.5% + 0.30
Write your classified add below
​Pick the page for add.
Place your ad space order
by post or bank transfer:
By Post:
Please selected your choices and send payment and post to:
Quick hang building division
Po. Box 226 Surry Hills
NSW 2010.
By Bank transfer:
Need to become a member first once approval  then contact as and we will send you a email to confirm the bank details.

Please selected your choices and
add payment to the account. 
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Ad space
Paypal options attracts a extra fee:
Add video file:
Enter Some Text:

Choose A File:

Add text Link anchor:
How many links do you need to point direct back to your site:
Paypal options attracts a extra fee:   
Extra charge 2.5% + 0.30
Extra charge at 2.5% +0.30
Write your links maximum 40 characters:
Select the type of the begin:
Paypal options attracts a extra fee:
text links.
Extra charge 2.5% + 0.30